Lone worker app

The Situation

A lone worker kisses his wife and daughter goodbye and sets off for the day to a remote job at the old Hereford Estate. He spends the day working alone, fixing up the old house by himself. At one point he's struggling with a cranky furnace in the basement. He smells gas, but carries on with the task at hand when suddenly he breaks a gas line. Within a shocking second of time, he's blasted clear across the basement and impales his shoulder on a piece of stubborn rebar. With no one else there to help and no one to hear the blast, the poor bloke slowly bleeds to death. Sounds like a terrible tale, but it's often a big risk and something that could turn into a grim reality when a worker is off site, on a lone job and working alone. Things can go terribly wrong in the blink of an eye.

lone working policy

there are many policies in pl;ace to keep lone workers safe when they are out on a job. These policies are in place to ensure that the employee is safe in what ever job they are doing and that the employor has done everything they can do to keep them safe and cared for.

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The Lifesaver

What could have helped this man in this predicament? If only he knew about the lone worker app that's available to to anyone with a cellular phone. The app would've sent out a distress call as soon as his phone fell out of his pocket during the blast and help could have arrived shortly thereafter. His life would have been saved.

The App

We live in great times with being able to communicate with virtually anyone, anywhere in the world. With this power comes a revolutionary app, which is there to be the assurance that a lone worker needs to stay in contact with the world. If things go terribly wrong, the  app can be there to notify someone when the worker cannot. It's a simple download to install the app on a cellular phone and from there it does all the work behind the scenes.

How It Works

Technology is an incredible tool to have when working alone, and a the app can provide the necessary and potentially lifesaving technology on demand. A worker can set the app on a timer, to send an alarm if he hasn't checked in before the timer has ended. GPS or low-frequency or SMS signaling do all the work, transparent to the user. A man-down feature includes a way for the app to send a signal when the phone's carrier has not moved over a period of time. A low-battery feature sends a signal to the home base forcing the phone carrier to contact home or help is dispatched. There are also alarms and panic buttons and even a duress mode where the phone will send an alarm if a PIN is entered incorrectly or a false PIN is entered and the session is cancelled. These features can provide security and assurance for any lone worker who is often forced to enter dangerous areas or neighbourhoods. No one wants to be stuck in a situation where he's alone and his life is in danger at every turn. Let technology help save the day with the app.